Southeast Alaska Hot Springs

There are many hot springs scattered throughout Southeast Alaska. Alaska Adventure Sailing loves to visit many of these wonderful  destinations.  For many of our trips, hot springs are an added treat and an available addition to most trips. Our favorites include:


Baranof Warm Springs is on the east shore of Bararnof Island. There are several private hot springs bath houses located on Warm Springs Bay making up the Baranof Warm Springs. These bath houses are made of cedar and pipe water in from the hot springs. There are a series of natural pools above the bath houses, along with a wild river. The temperature of the Baranof Warm Springs is 124 degrees Fahrenheit.

goddard hot springs

Goddard Hot Springs is on the outer coast of Baranof  Island 16 miles south of Sitka. Whenever Alaska Adventure Sailing passes by Sitka, we love to work our way into this wonderful stop. The Goddard Hot Springs is the earliest Alaska mineral springs known to the Europeans, and before their arrival, Indians came from many miles away to benefit from the healing waters. In the rnid-1800s, there were 3  cottages at Goddard that were used to house invalids from Sitka. In the late 1880s, a Sitka company erected frame buildings for the use of people seeking the water’s benefits. By the 1920s a 3-story hotel was built to provide more sophisticated accommodations. The building was purchased in 1939 by the Territorial Legislature as an overflow home for the Sitka Pioneers’ Home. After 1946, the building fell into disuse and was torn down. The city of Sitka owns the property and maintains 2 modern cedar bathhouses for recreational use. A few people live year-round on nearby private land. The temperature of the Goddard Hot Springs is 153 degrees Fahrenheit.


White Sulphur Hot Springs is on the West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness area The White Sulpher Hot Springs are 65 miles northwest of Sitka on the outer coast of Chichagof Island. The White Sulpher Hot Springs are the hardest to get to and the best of the Alaska hot springs. There are log bathhouses over the principal springs.This cabin has been modernized in recent years so bathers can pull back a translucent fiberglass screen and admire the view of the often turbulent Pacific Ocean while soaking in the hot water.

Hot Spring description’s credit to State of Alaska Department of Tourism  and  the  Alaska Channel,